What is the best way to care for my cast?

For the first few days, elevate your limb to avoid any pain or swelling. Moving your uninjured fingers or toes frequently will prevent swelling and stiffness. Contact your physician if you feel any increased pain, numbness, or tingling in the hand or the foot, if the cast gets wet, or if it feels too tight or loose.

Make sure to always keep your cast dry. To avoid getting it wet in the shower, wrap your cast with a towel and cover it with a plastic bag. You can also purchase a Seal-Tight Cast and Bandage Protector® by calling 1-888- DRY- CAST (1-888-379-2278).

DO NOT adjust your cast in any way, such as cutting or trimming. DO NOT put any sharp object in your cast, such as hangers, to stop itching. This may break and irritate the skin under the cast. DO NOT put powder, lotions, or perfume in the cast to do away with odor. Lastly, if you permit people to sign your cast, only use permanent markers.

If you have any further problems, questions or concerns regarding your cast and how to properly care for it, contact your treating physician.