What is shoulder replacement surgery?

Shoulder surgery may be an option you may need to consider if you have a hard time rotating your shoulder in every direction, lack strength to carry out normal daily activities, or the shoulder feels like it could pop out of the socket at any moment. The physicians at the Bay Area Surgical Group are highly trained professionals with experience in arthroscopic shoulder surgery, total shoulder replacement, frozen shoulder surgery, and dislocated shoulder surgery for the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery could be done to treat rotator cuff tears, depending on the size, depth, and location of the tear. Orthopedic shoulder arthroscopy is where instruments are inserted into small incisions, and can be used to remove bone spurs or inflamed muscle and repair lesser tears.

A total shoulder replacement may be recommended if arthritis or degenerative joint disease makes your shoulder stiff and painful or if the upper arm bone is fractured so badly that tissue death may result. Orthopedic shoulder replacement surgery replaces damaged surfaces with artificial parts (prostheses).

Frozen shoulder surgery is performed when a shoulder has lost all range of motion. It is most probably caused from inflammation in the joint as well as immobilization of the joint due to trauma or surgery. Frozen shoulder surgery is done arthroscopically, but must be maintained with physical therapy to keep a good range of motion and restore function.

If you dislocate your shoulder, your orthopedic surgeon will put it back into place (a closed reduction) and then immobilize your shoulder for several weeks. If your shoulder dislocation becomes a chronic condition, a brace can sometimes help. However, if therapy and bracing fail, then you may need orthopedic dislocated shoulder surgery to repair or tighten torn or stretched ligaments.