What is sports medicine?


Silicon Valley Sports Surgeons are experienced with sports medicine and employ trained and experienced orthopedic sports medicine physicians serving Northern California and Beyond. Whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete you can be assured an orthopedic specialist within SVSS will be available and qualified to care to your orthopedic sports medicine needs.

Common injuries that require an orthopedic sports medicine physician or orthopedic specialist may include:

1 – Runners Knee. According to the Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons approximately 1 in 4 injuries in sports medicine involve the knee. Runners Knee, or patellofemoral stress, can cause irritation of the tendons below the kneecap due to overuse, wear or arthritis .

2 – Ankle Sprains. They account for approximately 1 in 5 injuries in sports medicine. Twisting an ankle is very common for an athlete during a sporting event. Although ankle sprains heal with time, get the injury x-rayed by an orthopedic sports medicine physician to make sure that there are no fractures or chipped bones.

3 – Shin Splints. Refers to pain in the middle part of the shin. Shin splints can be caused by improper shoes for the activity and are often be treated with ice, anti-inflammatory and stretching of the lower legs muscles.

4 – Pulled Muscles. Pulls or tears can occur in any muscle, however, they often occur most often in the hamstring, calf and groin area. Pulled muscles can most often be attributed to improper warm up.

5 – Low Back Pain. Lumbar strain is very common injury for many athletes, especially weight lifters. Often injury occurs with insufficiently warmed up or stretched muscles. Lumbar strain is often treatable with regular targeted exercises. More serious injuries including sciatica and bulging discs require immediate orthopedic medical attention.