John K. San Jose, CA

I am seeing Dr. Haber for an ACL reconstruction and lateral meniscus repair. The MRI did not show it, but when he went in, he found the tear in the lateral meniscus. Instead of just cleaning it up and cutting out the torn portion, he decided to repair it, which my primary physician said was a favor because down the road, it could help prevent arthritis in the knee. I believe Dr. Haber goes the extra mile with you and does what is best for you. The physical therapy place I'm going to says Dr. Haber's surgeries always come out well. My brother, who is a surgeon, looked up his credentials and said they were excellent. I am hearing great things about him!
He is also an excellent communicator. He described things to me in technical terms, but I was able to understand it most of the time. If I didn't understand, he'd show me on a model or draw me a picture. We recapped the surgery, and he showed me photos and gave me commentary of what was happening. He also gave me a DVD movie of the operation highlights!
He is up to date on the latest techniques, at least I can speak for my knee surgery. Both ACL and meniscus repairs were pretty new "all-inside" techniques. There's not much on the web on those techniques, but I found a medical journal that described it, and it was very cool to me that I was getting this cutting edge (no pun intended) technique used on me.
There is only one area I think he is not perfect: scheduling. As can be expected from such a busy and caring doctor, you can imagine that he will occasionally get behind schedule. I've had to wait up to an hour and a half to see him, and once I had to reschedule. However, it's really worth it. I believe I'm getting the best possible care, and he is giving his best to every patient, which means we have to wait around once in a while. Bring some work with you, or read a magazine. That's part of the cost of seeing a great surgeon, I guess.
Billing has been fine. There was a small mix up, but it got sorted out quickly. He has a good support staff.
Finally, he's a youngish caucasian guy... maybe early 40's. Super fit -- 6% body fat? Every time I've seen him, he's worn hospital scrubs... so I'm sure he has a very busy operating schedule. I'm a happy customer!

Debra R. Sunnyvale, CA

I came in to see Dr. Haber for a lower back injury. I was in a great deal of pain and couldn't stand up straight. Dr. Haber's calm attentive demeanor, willingness to explain what was going on with my back and clear and concise answers to my questions showed respect for me as a patient and my own role is getting better.
Dr. Haber is very thorough and mindful that treating the pain is important. He also knows that treating the cause of the pain is what will make you well and fit in the long run. Once my pain was under control, Dr. Haber prescribed physical therapy and it has made a tremendous difference in my day to day work, which involves working with young children.
Dr. Haber is great!

Sherri C. San Jose, CA

Dr. Haber and his staff provide professional, thorough services that save you time whether with diagnosing your situation and offering solutions, processing your insurance paperwork or setting up appointments. Dr. Haber himself reminds me a bit of the Energizer Bunny; he is always walking briskly around the office and in between patients, and his questions come quickly due to his extensive knowledge -- yet he still manages to appear calm and laid-back at the same time. He has successfully dealt with plenty of his own personal injuries as avid runner and athlete. As a result, he can speak to you from, and make solid recommendations based on, personal experience. I don't think anything would faze Dr. Haber. If you choose to see him, go with confidence

Michelle P. Cupertino, CA

Dr. Haber is a kind, thoughtful, talented orthopedic surgeon who discusses every option thoroughly. He never rushes and always really listens. A+ Doc.... AND A+ physical therapy. Asher and Ryan offer the perfect combination of knowledge, encouragement, and empathy.  For orthopedic surgery and rehab, it doesn't get much better than these guys.

Susan V. Farmington, MI

I can't begin to put into words, how grateful I have been a patient of Dr. Daniel Haber. I can't recall the actual name of the surgery on my knee- but it's better then ever! I had my last visit before my move- I wish I could clone him and have him as my doctor in Michigan. Dr. Daniel Haber has been attentive and concerned every step of the way of my recovery.
Dr. Daniel Haber is a gifted sports medical orthopedic doctor. Anyone who says differently is not being honest or fair. Dr. Haber's staff is also amazing and attentive! 
This is a top notch amazing practice! Dr. Haber, you are an amazing doctor and Thank You, for being my doctor and making sure my recovery went smoothly!

Kathy J. Saratoga, CA

Dr.Haber is the best!!!  I had a torn meniscus that was  so painful.  My first appointment at his Campbell office made me feel very hopeful that he could fix my knee. Surgery was scheduled to be at his Los Altos facility.  I can't say enough great things about his staff.  Kayce  kept me informed all along the way & at the surgery center they were so nice.  Dr. Haber really put me at ease the day of the surgery.  I am now pain free & recovery was a breeze.